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Monopoly slots are an interesting variation of the classic board game. These days, it’s one of the most popular slot machines in casinos.

The Monopoly slots concept was created in 1999 by Williams Gaming. It started out with four different types of monopoly games. The first two were the traditional reel-spinning slots that are now hardly seen inside casinos. The other two are video slots that are still commonly seen in casinos. The first two monopoly video slots are called Roll & Win and Advance to Boardwalk. The first four Monopoly slots were such big hits that they were awarded the Most Innovative Gaming Product in the American Gaming, Lodging, and Leisure Summit in the same year that they were launched.

Almost every year, innovations are introduced to the monopoly slot games. The latest is the transmissive slot machine, which won an award for the advancement of slot machine technology.

There is also a multi-player option for the monopoly slot game. A certain number of players can join a game if a single player reaches the bonus game, allowing for a more social play.

There are many kinds of Monopoly slots. One example is the Monopoly Here and Now, with the objective of building apartments and hotels on the properties. There are three property deed symbols that will show up on the first three reels. The player is given a random deed on the board if three symbols appear on the active payline. The property involved gets an upgrade too. Players can also get orange, red, or yellow upgrades if they hit the Free Parking Jackpot on the last three reels. Expect bonuses with Chance, Community Chest, Landing on Go, Free Parking, and Jail. The players will have to roll again to get out of jail. As you can see, the mechanism is similar to the board game itself.

Another type of Monopoly slot game is the Monopoly Multiplier slot machine. There are at least 27 ways to win in a game and absolutely no paylines. The mechanics are simple a winning combination would be same symbols that appear on the three reels. The symbols include Go, Community Chest, hotels, apartments, Free Parking, and Electric Company. The Multiplier Bonus is activated if the winning combination appears on the center of the three reels. The player who gets to this level can choose among a classic ship, car, dog, shoe, hat, and iron. These symbols will reveal the multiplier. The multiplier will increase the payout of the original win.

Playing Monopoly slot games at 888 Casino is fun and simple. Due to its popularity, you’ll surely find at least one slot in your resident casino.